UBS Y Think Tank

What if we actively shaped the future?

The Y Think Tank was established in 2014. We are a team of curious future archaeologists that loves to look at the world through the lens of possibilities. Constantly challenging our ideas and the status quo in a constructive way is what defines us. Our team’s diverse backgrounds allow us to start our explorations from a multitude of launch sites, which fosters the exchange of fascinating ideas and perspectives.

We see ourselves as explorers and translators of possible futures. Our voyage has no beginning and no end. We explore the unknown, navigate uncertainties, and hypothesize the meanings and implications of the questions that the futures pose.

What if the future wasn’t just a logical continuation of the present?

This act requires us to look far beyond the next decade—inspiring future generations. As future archaeologists we use our imagination to detach ourselves from the present when uncovering possible futures. For us the future is more than the logical consequence of the present.

UBS Y Strives to

Create desirable futures

To unveil and interpret future needs

Build visions and concepts

To act as lighthouses and offer actionable steps

Ignite futures thinking

To shape the future in an active and direct way