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In a world of ever increasing complexity and interconnectivity, think tanks — as a place where experimental and networked thinking is encouraged — become more crucial than ever to large organizations. Think tanks need to be able to proportionately keep the balance between the known and the unknown, as well as to navigate in uncertainty. UBS decided to have such a think tank — UBS Y, this is who we are.

For UBS Y to think freely the think tank has strategically been set up off-premises. Hence, no regulation or internal influence can block its creativity.
Diversity is one of the main criteria for the team's composition.
These heterogenous backgrounds of the team members — such as sociology, anthropology and design — guarantee for interesting insights and allow a view on the topics we research from many different perspectives.
In other words, UBS Y brings fresh ideas into the bank thanks to its unique structure, working methodologies and team composition.

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